A downloadable game for Windows

Supa Nova Defence is a short and simple mini-game made for #JimJam.

The theme for the jam was 'Inspiration' - and so I took inspiration from Tim Ruswick's friend (Corey?) on the live stream - which was to make a game where you try to stop the sun from going supernova!

The controls are simple (left click or spacebar). The player must fire neutralising shots into the sun to hold it back as it tries to expand! But there's a catch - the planets can only shoot neutraliser while in the pink cosmic firing belt.

Everything in the game was done within the 48h time-frame given:

  • Art was made using Paint and GIMP
  • Music was made in LMMS
  • Game Engine used was Game Maker 1.4

Thanks to Tim Ruswick for hosting this game jam, and to the whole of the game dev community. Any thoughts or feedback is more than welcome!


SupaNovaDefence.exe 2 MB


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I really enjoyed this game, the artwork style, the game play, I have no complaints at all. Great job!! So far I've lasted like 11 seconds I think as my record, I keep shooting too much, that is the tricky part is being careful not to overshoot :)